Our Park

The Friends Of Harrow Weald Recreation Ground (Aka Boxtree Park) started as a small group of residents that began taking responsibility for our local park. 

The team efforts have helped to transform the park into a vibrant area where people choose to spend their time.

Harrow Weald Recreation Ground is on the corner of Boxtree Lane and Boxtree Road, known locally as Boxtree Park. The park was gifted to the community over 100 years ago.

Our park and park friends group website can be found here boxtreepark.co.uk

Around our small park you will find children’s play areas, bowling greens, football pitches, quiet shaded areas, fields to run wild in, and outdoor gym equipment, all within a clean and safe place.

The grounds are kept clean and maintained by a group of volunteers, under the guidance of Harrow Council


"Positive attitude creates positive thinking, which creates healthy positivity"

GET IN TOUCH - Come and visit us.  Our park site can be found here boxtreepark.co.uk


Harrow Parks

Opensource community project

Smart Park project, s our opensource projects to help grow park awareness in Harrow, build relationships and share ideas.

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BOWL IN GREEN - Find out more, join, try, or just come and watch.
SOCCER PITCHES - Find out more - We are lucky to be the chosen home of Kodak FC.  They are always looking for interested players.  
CRICKET GREEN - This is one of the wonderful mysteries of our space.  We have mislaid the Cricket Green and an ongoing search is underway. 
KIDS' PLAY AREA  - A safe and clean place to bring your children to.