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DON'T MOAN - it's your life, your environment and your area.

If we had a group motto it would be

We walk round, We walk over and We through to get things right 

Sometimes it's not a company at fault, or a council as a whole, it's individuals that seem to not fully understand the negative impact they can have on others.

CAC are the volunteer committee that head over and discuss problems we all suffer locally and try to resolve issues in the first instance.

We have a list of ongoing issues all of us suffer in whatever area we live, community transparency is the best option.


Are you part of a community group?

We are building a community group resouce thats free "Together we can do so much" click here to get involved


We send out whatson, special offers, updates on projects and actions.

Whats on

You reap what you sow, community actions create great reactions. Imagination rules!


Alone we can do so little together we can do so much, members choose to support our work.

Enjoy life!