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Local Authorities

Public Sector and Not-for-profit Partnerships

The Friends of Harrow Weald is growing groups of local residents who volunteer and take responsibility is several areras of the UK

Transforming the local park and area. Local residents come to us with ideas on how to make the community better, or problems they personally have and we use sensible research and conversation and do what we can to action things. 

As we have grown, our support has extended to a wide range of community-based activities, and has proved to be an important hub for:

Health and Wellbeing activities

Social inclusion

Cleaning the local areas

Providing hands on support and solutions

Funding for resources within the park

Running local events and activities

Providing an online website resource for information

Each of these activities are supported by a handful of local residents who commit their time to building and running weekly activities for the benefit of the community and are supported by a wonderful group of volunteers.

We are keen to expand on the opportunities available and are eager to look at partnership opportunities that can help support us to bid for funding, attract local sponsorship and support to enable us to continue to grow and expand our work further. If you would like to work in partnership with us to support our activities and work together to provide the best support available for the community we welcome you to get in touch on 07749155711