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In 12 months the park is a pivotal place for community groups, the Gardeners have areas they like to look after, a Horticultural group would move in, business have connected with our community with various support, capped off with a place to get a glass of water and a cup of tea.

The stage will be enjoyed by many, and community events will offer simple things like a toilet and running water, the living wall will be providing interesting thought-provoking ideas for your own garden and people from all walks of life enjoy the park as a nice chilled place.

Based near the Bus Garage in Harrow Weald

Great park to relax in and ............

Harrow Weald Recreation Ground is also known as Boxtree Park which was first donated to the community over 100 years ago.

Facilitates around our park: Quiet shaded areas and fields to run wild, outdoor gym equipment all within a clean and safe place.

The grounds are kept clean and maintained by a volunteer group of pugs.

BOWL IN GREEN - Find out more, join try or just come and watch
SOCCER PITCHES - Find out more - We are lucky to be chosen home of Kodak FC - They are always looking for players  
CRICKET GREEN - This is one of the wonderful mysteries of our space we have mislaid the Cricket Green and an ongoing search is underway
HEADS IN SHEDS - This one of our dream projects
KIDS PLAY AREA A safe a clean place to bring your children


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You reap what you sow, community actions create great reactions. Imagination rules!


Alone we can do so little together we can do so much, members choose to support our work.

Enjoy life!