Pop up space

Every so often we will be having an independent organisation pop up with some differnet street food.

 Great way for an existing local food business to attract new local clients.

Perfect for small caterers who have some spare time

Excellent if you have past in catering and want to share your skills and earn some extra money  

We are looking for food or stalls from different sources, different ideas, different countries, showing we are all different and sharing that difference. We are about community so always interested in ideas from locals.


Do you want to learn how to run a street food unit? We will be using our pop up unit to help train locals about food street training.


Your prices must always offer outstanding value for money.

You want to book your business:

The pop up is directed at businesses that are new or already trading, however in our usual way, if you do not have paperwork but want to show off your culinary skill please contact us we have a sneeky plan for you.

Sharing is caring: 

The pop up is part of a wider effort to offer our local residents’ a way to experience new tastes and services in a fair way for all involved. this is not a skinning your wallet exercise but mutually agreeable flexible arrangement. 

Why Pop up?

This is an excellent way to showcase your food to locals, who are your potential customers. We will be offering monthly slots and dates when events are running.

Pop up application

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