Our projects have been formed by our community via conversations, strolling around with complete strangers picking up lazy people’s rubbish, but strangely enjoying the time spent, everything we do is about being nice and sharing, and all projects are aimed at the heart of our park, local community and the wellbeing of the local area.

Before and After paid for reports:

We have undertaken two reports, which will be repeated once all the projects are completed.

Understanding the existing Biodiversity and wildlife around the grounds, discovering where and how we can help the existing nature around the grounds and where it will be safe/sensible to introduce new elements and features to the grounds.

These will be accompanied with before and after pictures 

Creation of a report on the wellbeing of our park starting with asking what the bugs and insects want and need and then worked through each park users needs.

Some of our principles used for this report.

Use what is there and enhance
Take account of park users, bugs, insects, wildlife and neighbours
Make it attractive, informative and interactive
Work with the local people to make it happen
Make the use of free resources.
Have a management plan which is simple, and can be agreed between bugs, insects, wildlife, users, council etc.
Make it fit in with our goals and vision, we are already involving other groups.

The goal over the next year is to install several features and landscaped areas, a pergola and sensory garden, which we hope will create some nice places to relax, enjoy, read a book or talk to a stranger this is for the humans and over THIRTEEN AREAS will be enhanced for the bugs, and wildlife (COZ THEY ARE REALLY IMPORTANT ALSO!). The plans are to create an inclusive and exciting space to enjoy the outdoors.

Through these and other projects we have teaching and learning running alongside all our activities.

The funds raised so far have been from community events held throughout 2018/19, local supermarkets and businesses support and in early 2019 we successfully applied for and received a pocket park grant to facilitate some of our plans and goals.

The backbone of our projects:

Health and wellbeing
Social isolation
Community cohesion
Joining the dots between the wellbeing of our parks wildlife and having fun with the locals in the park.

Community involvement

It is our aim to hold local competitions for the design of each section, with a structured guide to allow independent designs whilst encompassing the overall natural walk through consistency. As each competition closes, members will discuss and decide of the best design.

Professional advice

It is our aim to employ professional advice only when the friends lack professional knowledge or skill sets in specific areas required.


We are expecting by sept 2019 at least 65% of the projects to be completed with the final section of grant projects completed when the café is handed over and a container is installed. There are projects on our action list that will take longer.

Ongoing costs and upkeep:

It is our goal to create a dedicated volunteer gardening crew that will look after the areas we create, to do this will involve costs. It is our intention to use profits from the café and sponsorship opportunities to enable a safe financial footing ongoing.


Once the projects are in place it our intention to use the grounds to teach and educate, we also intend to employ a trainee gardener which will help prepare these people for future full time employment in this field. The education from the older more mature but young at heart volunteers can empower the younger people with invaluable knowledge. we have teaching and learning running alongside all our activities.


What we do is healthy, rewarding and fun, we are positive, proactive and respectful to all 

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