Nature and wellbeing projects

Projects and local events provide the best community engagement.   

Long term project

The Metroline living wall 

    • A unique convergence of nature, technology, recycling, education and wellbeing for humans and bugs alike. 
    • Metroline living wall project enables disabled people and/or older people to actively participate in the nature, arts and health and well-being opportunities.

Ongoing projects

    • A collection of greening, growing and environmental projects which brings together communities and improves the local environment for everyone.

Just nice projects “coz we can”

    • Teaching places by creating peaceful places where people can relax and talk to each other, using technology to help park nature and spark interest in younger people,
    • Funding the free drinking water that should be available everywhere

Recycling projects

    • Recycling is an important part of creating tomorrow’s parks today
    • Recycling water
    • Harnessing solar power where possible

Smart park opensource project

    • Opensource is one of the nicest economic eco systems with a community minded ethos that has come out of the internet.
    • Park groups are starved of money, often too small for grants or most groups just want to look after their own local parks.
    • The Friends have been developing a collection of free tools and services to help redirect relevent internet traffic and small sums of the money from the Internet directly to each park group.