Our Smartpark project!

 Parks benefit from a strong community hub made up of supportive businesses, local community groups and residents. A smart park is not really smart it’s more about being smart in it’s uses for the community and local residents together.

Park groups are starved of money, often too small for grants or most groups just want to look after their own local parks.

The Friends have been developing a collection of free tools and services to help redirect relevent internet traffic and small sums of the money from the Internet directly to each park group.  

Smartparks is a free to use opensource online project (Volunteers wanted), developed to help build communication between local community groups, businesses, local organisations and the local authorities to become stronger together. 

SmartPark project is opensource!

A free set of online tools to help thme build an online presence!

Designed to help build support groups around parks: 

Your park or community group

    • Community groups
    • Businesses
    • Local organisations
    • Local authorities

Fully featured web page loaded with online tools

Free park and community management suite!

    • Fully featured webpage for your community group
    • Simple to set up webpage loaded with features.
    • Fully self-service & full volunteer support if required.
    • Included in-page social marketing features.
    • Connected directly to multiple social media platform.
    • Automatically Includes search engine friendly metadata.
    • Direct to your email contact forms.

Can create a small steady income for your group.

Generate small extra incomes for your group.

    • Your group keep all profits.
    • Easy to set up and we offer free volunteer support if you need.
    • We provide your group with everything. Sell in autopilot
    • Single products or Supplied products.
    • Sell your own items.

We help friends groups build lists of local groups and business around your park.

    • Increase event sponsorship.
    • Support project work and costs
    • Helps your group increase your groups wellbeing. 

The Library - Together we create!

Access to community information, documents, and reports (reports coming mid 2022)

    • Share ideas with your peers.
    • Find ideas for community events and help to set them up.
    • Build an information resource around your group.