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The Friends of Harrow Weald are fanatical about making a difference to areas for everyone.

Working towards creating a vibrant community hubs, and open spaces that can cater for the needs of many people by providing, as well as a quiet and reflective place, a happy and welcoming environment to share, enjoy events and sport and where people can develop respect for the environment.


Whatever your idea of volunteering looks like, I’m sure we have something to suit you! Something that will help us in our aim to keep the local community at its best. Some volunteers work with us as a one off to help at an event, others are taking part in or running activities weekly.

Volunteers are often people you recognise from the local area…but they are also just friends you have not met yet… Helping out at YOUR local park or at community events is a great way to meet members of the local community.

Our volunteers give an amazing range of support across a broad spectrum with things like:

A quick half an hour a week filling a bag of rubbish on their local street
Walking their neighbour to our community events
Running weekly activities
An afternoon of fundraising
Stewarding at events
Helping with admin and marketing
Just enjoying the park

Many great charities specialise is specific areas of society, we specialise in everyone’s wellbeing using parks and the local area as our starting point.

Volunteer help is the main reason we have managed to achieve so much in such a short time.

Often due to past park neglect when there are problems it takes multiple calls and organisations before anything is done, even simple things.
To help us and other groups, we have started to create a community hub knowledge base to create a centralised resource for all community groups to grow together.


Got some questions before you start?

Read below or get in touch with us here and one of our team will be happy to answer any questions.

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Local volunteers to join in our park crews
A quick half an hour a week filling a bag of rubbish on their local street
Walking neighbour to community events
Running weekly activities
Stewarding at events
Helping with admin and marketing
Just enjoying the park

Support Friends Activities, Carrying Out Park Maintenance, joining the Litter Picking Crew, Recording & monitoring Wildlife, Join the Biodiversity Crew, Gate Lockers, Biodiversity - Gardening, Healthy Harrow Weald Group, Crime or Antisocial, Event Organisers Group, History Harrow Weald.


Help overcome the quagmire of rules and regulations and build a force for good,

Community hub team

Working nationally, we are looking for volunteers to help build localised community hubs as part of our team to help create tomorrow’s parks today.

We have started to create a community hub knowledge base to centralise resources for all community groups to grow together equally.

Our action groups work towards finding local solutions for national problems and work with organisations to help improve local areas.

Our research group has been compiling reports in several areas of Park Life

It is vitally important that we can show how important community groups working together is, and how by helping these groups transform areas.


Web team
Marketing team
Social media
Volunteer admin
Team leaders

Project Lead, Office Admin, Web research, Crime or Antisocial, History Harrow Weald, Local Businesses Group, Admin Group, Publicity Team, Membership / Volunteer admin,


As a small group of volunteers we are trying to tie together the needs of smaller community groups and technology to supply free tools to expand their own reach.
Could you help?

OpenSource projects allow people to learn and share their skills for the community

Learn and Share Php, CSS, Graphics, Api’s, Databases, Mysql, Geotargeting, Writers, Tweakers, People with isms for getting things correct, Opensource projects, Linux, Networking, Load balancing, Social Media, Affiliates, Interpreters.

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We know life and free time is different for everyone

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