Metroline living wall

Metroline living wall

Refreshingly healthy for everyone. No Fauna & Flora, bugs or wildlife will be harmed in the making of this wall. Happiness is included.

Living wall overview
The living wall needs you!

The living wall needs you!

Do you care about wellbeing, nature and community? Can you offer some help and imagination?.



Without individuals, community and business supporters coming together, the living wall would never have become a live idea.

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Ways to get involved


The living wall project is made up of 23 sections, each different but interlinked. We are a growing group of people with different skills each offering to bringing the living wall to life. 

  • Support through time 
  • Support through donating materials 
  • Support through donations 
  • Support through donating good to resell  


We are looking for imaginative volunteers with a strong interest in recycling, nature and the environment. 

We are also looking for helpful solutions, products and ideas that can be introduced to our area. Over the coming months we will be exploring various recycling systems and ideas.

Health and well being

Social isolation

Community cohesion


Financial and Environmental Sustainability for parks

Joining the dots between the well being of our parks and wildlife.

Building and developing technology to help smaller community groups benefit from the Internet

Providing technical help to community groups 

Creating uk localised community hubs for parks and community groups and local bsuinesses to cross share local information.


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Local business!

Social marketing offers a great way to support local communities whilst providing your business with a host of marketing benefits

"Get your business seen in the community as part of the community!"

Your generosity pays for our essential core work. This regular income allows us to plan and deliver a better future.


Core Partners

When the living wall was first mooted it was interesting to hear the different interpretations that people had of what a living was, is or should be.

Imagination was the first item to influence the different ideas that were thrown into the hat for discussion, with location, which brought forward some interesting thoughts, being a major second factor.

Life experiences also became a strong element and, of course, nature was always a major element to consider

The plans became quite different when the fabric of life started to work.

Enthusiasm, commitment, and help started to join up the dots and amazing things began to happen.



Thank you
Without our amazing volunteers, everything would be a lot slower and lack the amazing imagination that's been included in every section.
Metroline PLC

Metroline PLC

thank you
Metroline is a business and our neighbours. Their support for this project helps bring some invigorating and inspiring aspects the whole project.
Harrow Council

Harrow Council

Thank you
Have you ever dealt with the local authorities? Sprinkled with some nice, kind people and then the others. HOWEVER we found the kind ones.